Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Rovah

Not every vehicle roaming the wastes is heavily modified, of course.  Plenty of hard-core sport-utility vehicles and trucks are practically ready for it right out of the box.  One of these is Kelvin Dodd’s 1991 Land Rover Range Rover Classic, whose nickname is “Rovah.”  Dodd’s Range Rover is instantly recognizable, and there aren’t any doubts as to its ability. 
This basically stock vehicle has made numerous trips to Wasteland Weekend, and serves as a camper and tow vehicle without complaint.  Forget what you’ve been told about British vehicles being unreliable:  the Camel Trophy-hardened Discovery has shrugged off desert duty without complaints.  A two-inch suspension lift is the only modification to the drivetrain, and the rig has been “wheeled to within an inch of its life” according to the owner. 
Rovah is armed up nicely, sporting twin miniguns and a rocket launcher, both salvaged from a downed military chopper. Thanks to the split tailgate, the rear cargo area makes a perfect gunner’s perch. A roof rack carries cargo on top and provides a mounting for the rocket launcher, while the brush bar up front carries extra lights and a couple of thundersticks.