Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Basket Case


Basket Case is Justin Driever’s second bike to be featured in the Field Guide.  It’s a little different, being a street bike rather than a scruffy survivor, but there’s more post-apoc to it than the hand-painted camouflage and a scrap-canvas seat.

Picture if you will, an urban post-apoc survivor with a need for speed.  He painstakingly gathers the pieces he needs, eventually putting together a 1999 Yamaha R1 with which to own what’s left of the pavement. That’s pretty much how Driever put this bike together; as Basket Case’s name suggests, the bike arrived in pieces.  Literally.

Once dragged indoors and inventoried, the real work began.  The mileage is high and this bike had been through a lot, but a year-long rebuilding process paid off.  Driever prepped the frame and made things look nice first, then rebuilt and reinstalled the engine, with as many new parts as he could find.  Rather than throwing together whatever would work, Basket Case was rebuilt carefully, with an eye to maintaining its original high performance.  It took a year, but the beastie is now back on the road and performs as new.