What if you gave the Doof Warrior a banjo instead?

Okay, maybe that fruit’s hanging a little too low.  But it’s the first thing I thought when I stumbled across this not-quite brass era War Rig on Craigslist. And there’s not much doubt that a 1921 Model T would be tough enough to survive the harshest conditions.  It would just do it…rather slowly.

  From the ad (errors and all):

“Almost 100 years old and still going. This Model T is not pristine, but has a lot of character with it’s World War 1 Vickers machine gun replica mounted in the truck bed on a tripod with ammo box and ammo belt. Poncho Villa would have bought it in the early 1900,s.
High volume radiator
Vintage Model T spot light
Vintage Model T jack
Vintage Model T tire pump
Spare tire
Vintage Model T gas, oil, and water cans
Vintage Model T expandable suit case holder on running board
Vintage suit case with old travel stickers
Vintage Model T tool box on running board with tools
Miners pick, shovel, and gold pan mounted on side of bed
Vintage cormorant on radiator cap
Lock box bolted to truck bed with key
Vintage squeeze bulb brass horn
1921 Arizona license plate”