Derelict BR Bronco by ICON

I’ve been a fan of ICON 4×4’s “Derelicts” series of bespoke vehicles for a long time. The company takes unrestored, battered classics and completely modernizes the mechanical parts while leaving the exterior looking unrestored, and the results are works of automotive art. The most recent ICON Derelict is a 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster. This classic 4×4 provides some pretty amazing inspiration for a post-apoc vehicle.

The Bronco Roadster one a one-year model. It was stripped down for work, with no radio, doors, heater or roof. ICON left the bare-bones body alone, and even used factory knobs to control the hidden Bluetooth sound system. To keep the patina consistent, new items like the center console and steering column were weathered to match. Once finished, the body tub was coated to prevent rust and the paint was sealed to keep it from getting worse. The seats sport new silver vinyl, and a factory rear seat (not originally offered on the Bronco Roadster) was added.

Of course there’s a modern engine under the hood: ICON installed a 5.0 liter Coyote engine from a Mustang GT. This powerplant puts 426 horsepower to the wheels via an Aisin five-speed manual and a twin-stick Advance Adapters Atlas II transfer case. Underneath the skin, the Derelict BR has a completely re-engineered suspension, with a four-link rear end and radius arms up front, and coil springs at all four corners. The solid axles are Dynatrac ProRock units, with a toughened Dana 44 up front and a Dana 60 in the rear. ARB Air Locker differentials and Brembo brakes are used. 33-inch tires on 18-inch wheels give the Derelict BR some visual heft as well as grip in the dirt. The wheels are new, but designed to look like the factory rims, down to the authentic-looking hubcaps.


They’re high-dollar builds, but we love ICON’s Derelicts anyway. If nothing else, they make us daydream about what could be for some of the wasteland-ready wrecks that we think about bringing home! For more information, please visit or call (818) 280-3333.