Wasteland Frequent Flyers, #2

As the Post Apocalyptic Cars Bingo card grows, so does our desire to find the vehicles featured and get more details on them. Unfortunately, most of the easy ones were on the first bingo card, and the second set has taken somewhat more digging. We’ll do our best to enlighten newcomers about the post-apoc vehicles that you see all the freakin’ time in photos!

Emile Leray’s 2CV: Legend has it that in 1993, a French electrician named Emile Leray decided to drive his Citroen 2CV across Morocco. After a crash left him stranded in the desert, he cobbled the wrecked car into a clumsy looking motorcycle which he then rode back to civilization. Since then, the details of this epic-blackthumb story have been disputed, but the photos of Leray’s Citroen-bits bike continue to circulate.

Machine Gun Joe’s Dodge Ram from Death Race:  This heavily armored 2007 Dodge Ram isn’t an improvised vehicle from the Middle East, nor is it a zombie-fighting ride.  It’s one of the battle cars from the remake of Death Race in 2008.  The truck is reportedly a half-ton 1500 model with the dually axle from a one-ton 3500 swapped in.  This rig was piloted by “Machine Gun Joe,” played by Tyrese, and proved to be a formidable competitor.  Which, considering its opponents were Porsche 911s and Jaguar XJs, shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Mystery Quad:  This tracked Polaris quad with a small truck’s worth of survival gear and a rear-mounted minigun and its proud owner pop up on a lot of pages and Google image searches, but we haven’t been able to find out who it belongs to or who built it.

The Frog:  The second Volkswagen Beetle tank on the bingo card is a screaming green gullwinged 1959 Bug, and it goes by the name “The Frog.”  It’s professionally built and finished, with a leather interior and expert bodywork.  Note the third axle mounted mid-vehicle.  The custom-built tracks are driven by ordinary car tires instead of gears.  There are photos of The Frog at numerous shows dating back to at least 2011.

Mystery GMC COE:  We don’t know much about this one, which is more rat rod than post-apocalyptic.  It’s still cool in the way that a 1952-53 GMC cab-over engine flatbed with weathered paint, chrome stacks, a slammed suspension and spikes all over can’t help but be, though.