Wasteland Weekend Long-Haulers, 2018

The Mojave Desert is the perfect location for Wasteland Weekend; it provides just the right ambiance and look for the event.  It’s also inconvenient to reach for just about everyplace except Los Angeles!  That doesn’t deter many Wastelanders from traveling the highways to get there, however.  A select few even make the trek in their post-apoc rigs–regardless of where they hail from.  Think of it as the ultimate test of a modified vehicle.

Meet a few of the vehicles that braved the long, lonely asphalt to get to Wasteland Weekend this year.

Jesse Hansen drove the Razor Nova over 4300 miles, crisscrossing the country twice at the head of the Great 40 Migration.
The Heaven and Hell Interceptor made a 1500-mile round trip trek with Mark Henry at the wheel.
Jason Sperle racked up 5500 miles driving the Ravenger from Virginia to Wasteland Weekend and back.
The Iron Boar made its annual 2500-mile trip to Wasteland, driven by Alces Moose.
Doug Corbin’s Turbulence drove exactly 500 miles to reach Wasteland.
The Subaru named Doubletap was pulled from a four-year slumber in a rural Michigan backyard a month before Wasteland, but made the 4500-mile round trip for 2018.
The Guttersnipes piloted Ugly Kcurt on a 700-mile round trip to WW for the third year in a row.
Scott Backinger’s 1970 Chevrolet named Marsha did 850 miles round-trip hauling his tribe’s camp.
Chemical Romance made a 1000-mile round trip from Arizona with Don Kildebeck at the wheel.
This is the Waaagh-Rig, towing the Waaagh-Bike. John Richard Norris piloted it 1200 miles round-trip from Mt. Shasta.
The epic Cruel Bus made an epic journey of 2400 miles round-trip from Texas to the Wasteland.
Brett Wall’s big diesel Power Wagon made a 4000-mile round trip from Tennessee. On the way back, emergency repairs were necessary in Oklahoma when an oil pump bolt sheared off and got swallowed by the gears.
This is Barney Trouble, who made the drive from Portland to Wasteland Weekend this year, with Daniel Tuchman and Andrew Gatchel at the wheel.
Jolene is the Wasteland’s bookmobile, courtesy of the Road Virus, and she drove over 600 miles round-trip to Wasteland with a full complement of literature on board!
Brian Cobb brought the Schitbokz on a 900-mile round trip.
Ryan Kitchen’s propane-powered Datsun survived a 1000-mile trip to the desert this year.
Princess Wennedigo’s journey to Wasteland, complete with severe engine troubles just 60 miles from the event, is a story that’ll live on in legend. Dawn Graber is the proud owner.
Tyler Weeks drove Matilda from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. That’s 1200 miles one-way, for the second year in a row!
GoGo Bordello is the centerpiece of Diana Lolocaust’s camp, and hauled everything 900 miles to Wasteland.
Cameron Bonner’s little Mitsubishi 4×4 van trekked 4800 miles one-way to Wasteland this year.