Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Dung Beetle

St. Lucifer’s Dung Beetle is a Wasteland Weekend veteran; this ‘73 Volkswagen has attended every event since 2010 except for one.  

The Dung Beetle stands out from the growing armada of air-cooled battle Beetles with a lancer’s perch up front, where the car’s trunk would normally reside.  The front gunner’s precarious perch includes a harpoon, extra lighting and an assortment of Michael Myers mask-like mannequin heads for intimidation, as well as the aluminum gas tank to serve as a headrest. The Dung Beetle has been further toughened up with a full roll cage, a large rooftop cargo rack, salvaged window screens and another cargo carrier out back.  Power comes from an 1835cc engine connected to a transmission sourced from a VW bus.  Old-school military tires are used up front, with more aggressive all-terrains in the rear, and the Dung Beetle rides high on Fox shocks.