Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Tetanus

Tetanus is one of the scruffier members of the widely varied air-cooled Volkswagen brigade.  This little scavenger’s ride, owned by Marion, sits on a 1958 Beetle pan and is powered by the stock engine.  Everything else was picked up along the way.

At some point Tetanus was cut down into a sandrail, and given the roof panel from a ’68 Plymouth Barracuda.  The rear section is a found trunk lid from an unknown vehicle, with vents cut into it.  There are gun mounts on both sides, a set of bolt cutters attached to the hood, and real wood running boards!  Fencing material attached to the running boards increases cargo capacity.  Scrap metal and repurposed farm equipment cover the front section of Tetanus.  The tires are staggered, for improved desert performance.