Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Romp

We know Volkswagen Beetles are among the best post-apoc survivors, thanks to their simplicity, durability and versatility.  The former economy cars are a common sight out in the waste, but thankfully there are enough build possibilities that (with the notable exception of Roxanne and the Doomsday Beetle) it’s usually not hard to tell them apart.

The cheerfully deadly Romp was built by Trip, and is one of the signature vehicles of the Copperhead Caravan from West Palm Beach.  This 1973 Beetle was built in eight months, with Wasteland Weekend in mind.  At a glance the fenders have been pulled and Romp wears Super Swamper tires on 15″ wheels, including a full size spare.  The devil’s in the details, most notably the amazing “floating” roof panel which can be lifted for ventilation purposes and adjusted to several levels.  The windows and windshield are armored and the side panels have the Copperhead Caravan’s sigil carved on them.  The spikes on the hood are valves from a “found stuff” pile, and sharp eyes will note that a chainsaw blade has been attached on the drip rails to deter aggressors.  LED lighting and a hood-mounted Hi-Lift jack provide proper off-road assistance.  More gear has been attached at strategic points around the car.