Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Corvair

A post-apocalyptic Corvair?  Sure, why not?  But like many of the chimeras of the Wasteland, this vehicle’s more than it seems.  The windshield is the first clue that there’s been more work done than simply plopping an old GM product onto a 4×4 chassis.

Turns out, putting a Corvair on to a 1987 Ford Bronco frame requires either the application of aggressive fender flares, or a widened body.  This car went the latter route; it was split down the middle and got a fifteen-inch section installed to get the proportions matched.  After that it was a simple matter of adding the rooftop lightbar, a massive C-channel front bumper and some dead things, and the Corvair was pretty much ready to go.

Open the door and you’ll see the Ford DNA loud and clear.  It’s perhaps more accurate to say that the widened Corvair shell has been dropped onto a de-bodied Bronco, rather than that this is a Corvair with  a Bronco chassis.  The full interior from the Ford has been retained, and the bottom of the original A-pillar is visible with the door open.