Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: the Boom Truck

The big, bad Boom Truck, owned and driven by Busman Moab, looks perfectly at home in the post-apoc environment, and embodies the scratch-built aesthetic in a unique way.   Why’s that?  Because what you see is very much NOT what you get.  At a glance it looks like a funky build on a familiar vehicle, and a double-take won’t help you out–but the Boom Truck is actually mostly Toyota.  

Say what?  Not kidding. Busman Moab, in building this righ from “stuff he had in the yard,” used a 1988 Toyota FJ60’s frame and grafted the rear half of a ’78 Land Cruiser on the back, to create the tag axle.   A 350 V8 provides power.  It’s a six-wheel drive truck, with big tires on beadlocked wheels ready to tackle just about any terrain and enough power to do so.  With that mechanical magickery done, he then dropped the familiar cab of a 1947 Dodge over the chassis and found a scrap flatbed that once adorned a 1935 Ford pickup to carry stuff out back.  Much of the time, that bed carries equipment for Busman Moab’s business, but for its tour at Wasteland Weekend, it sported a Vietnam-era aircraft drop tank with a saddle on top, to give lucky passengers the full Dr. Strangelove experience.

Heavy-duty hinged booms on either side give the Boom Truck its name.  They’re usually used for mounting lighting and other equipment at shows, but are equally adept at carrying lyra hoops for aerial acrobatics.  Thus equipped, the Boom Truck is a rolling post-apocalyptic circus attraction, and that big salvaged signs on the back leaves little doubt as to what it’s advertising.