Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Trumaro

Did you ever wonder what happens to old drag race cars when they die?  Well, if you’re Jerry Hubbard, they head out into the desert for a post-apocalytic life.  The Trumaro is Hubbard’s 1979 Chevrolet Camaro, riding high on a 3/4-ton truck suspension after a life spent drag racing.  

The Trumaro features a custom frame of 2×3 bars to mount the suspension to. The stock 350 engine is retained, with a Dana 44 up front and a stout 14-bolt rear end.  The years haven’t been kind to the Camaro’s soft plastic parts, as evidenced by the front end, so a pair of Jeep CJ5 headlights and a rectangular-tubing bar take the place of the old streamlined nose.  The truck frame gives this rig a longer wheelbase, and homemade fender flares help to tie it together.  The custom roof rack houses lots of lights and can carry plenty of cargo.  The Camaro’s old spoiler has been mounted to the roof rack, just for laughs, and the trunklid is long gone to aid in the Trumaro’s cargo ability.

Important overland gear includes a mounted Hi-Lift jack, axe and…a replica machine gun on the hood.