Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Walkyre

Is this well-equipped Volkswagen a Beetle, or a buggy?  It’s a bit of both.   Dubbed Walkyre, this aircooler is owned by Wabbit. 

Underneath the equipment, it’s a 1966 Beetle with a lifted suspension and a 1600 single-port engine.  The body and fenders have been chopped off, obviously, and a full roll cage and lancer’s perch added to the rear section.   Note the cloth wrap on the roll bar, to make it a bit easier to grab in the hot desert.  The engine’s caged in for protection, and a set of KC Daylighters augments the headlights.

The preparedness is great with this one.  In addition to a side-mounted spare and ammo boxes, Walkyre has assorted weapons, a spare fuel can and solar panels are along for the ride.  The weapon on the roof is called the “ThunderPoon;” it’s made from a disassembled recliner chair, and it works.  The two-bar Baja bumper up front holds antlers and a few deceased enemies for good measure.