Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Kinderpanzer

Spotting the base vehicles underneath various post-apoc creations can be a challenge, and the Kinderpanzer is an outlier.  This boxy little tank’s dimensions are neither car nor ATV, and that’s because under the skin, this rig is an EX-Go golf cart.  Owned by Lynn, of the K-Rats tribe, the Kinderpanzer started life as a creating for Burning Man, but has since been turned into a Wasteland scout vehicle.  

The stock powertrain is used, and though the Kinderpanzer scales out at close to 900 pounds, it reportedly handles surprisingly well.  The armor is built from a collection of 1970s-vintage street signs on a square-tubing frame, and the bullet holes and shotgun scores are real, suggesting that it’s got some actual ballistic value!  Grab handles, lights and mirrors have been sourced from a number of trucks.  Up top, the Kinderpanzer’s turret is also functional, and can be turned by hand and raised with a crank.