Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Turbulence

Doug Corbin  (who was also involved with the old Ford that was dragged out of a ditch and put on a military truck chassis a few years back) found this 2006 Mazda RX-8 left for dead in a tow yard.  It had been abandoned there for four years, and quickly became the basis for a high-speed post-apoc vehicle.

Newer cars are less common in this particular aesthetic, but the RX-8, dubbed Turbulence, is the real deal.  Corbin installed a JDM B13 rotary engine with a street port and a straight-pipe exhaust.  A throttle body cooler was added, and the missing front end was reconstructed with road signs.  With a few cooling vents, ram air cut into the hood and a tube bumper, Turbulence looks like it’s been resurrected.

 There’s a rack for extra cargo on the roof, and the car retains just enough salvage-yard dirt that it looks like a found object.  Corbin says the next steps for the car include a set of proper off-road tires.