Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Bruiser

“Bruiser” is often used as a class of vehicle, but it’s also the name of Seth Howard’s 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser that serves as one of the Warboy battle tanks at Wasteland Weekend.  Bruiser is a full-on off-roader, with a stock six-cylinder engine and a transmission with full low range gearing.  4.88 axles with electric lockers and a four-inch suspension lift to clear 38″ tires bring Bruiser up to rock-crawling height.  The custom front bumper houses a 12,000 pound winch, and a full-length skid plate protects Bruiser’s belly.  The rock sliders and snorkel go well with window caging and mock spikes on the wheels.
At the rear,a  custom bumper carries a full-size spare, water, gas cans and a solar panel for the 12-volt fridge inside.  Bruiser can provide hot water for showers as well.
On the roof, a pillbox with multi-barrel gun serves as an instant defensive position, and is sturdy enough to hold three or four defenders during any skirmish actions.