Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Helcamino

Imperator Halo, who also built and drives the Holy Rail, knows the history of the Helcamino best, so we’ll let him tell the story:

Helcamino started life as a ’68 El Camino that was Frankensteined onto a shortened ’75 Chevy K10. It was found in the river beds near Phoenix; after several years the owner passed and it was left to meth-head son who didn’t have the ability to keep it road worthy. The car sat neglected for about 5 years.
Helcamino was bought as group purchase by Order of the V8 tribe. But I knew that I would have to adopt it and make it my baby for it’s own good.
Helcamino is inspired by the Firecar from Fury Road and one of the cars in the game. It’s meant to be a fast pursuit attack vehicle. Its 4×4 chassis sports a rear traction bar, an LS3 495hp hot cam GM crate motor, Turbo 400, NP 205 trdrive shafts, and custom driveshafts. On top it has a belt feed .30 cal fender mounted machine gun, a spotlight for the quagmire, a dual mini thunder stick launcher gun, grab bars, and a custom hood scoop.
The car is driven daily on the streets of Las Vegas and work, where I proudly park in the hospital’s lot!
It was severely neglected so I rebuilt most of the systems from the ground up. Upgrades include; new suspension bushings throughout the car, a transmission rebuild with shift kit, a B&M ratchet shifter, new 35″mud/rock tires, new shocks, rebuilt front axle and new Warn hubs, a new fuel system to support EFI with new race fuel cell, custom Borg Warner steering shaft, and lots of rewiring!
My goal to constantly upgrade and make the car more road worthy.
The next upgrade will be rear disc brakes and new stainless brake line throughout.
I love driving this car even when it’s 110 degrees outside. I get bombarded with admires, thumbs up and pics. Yes, no ac/heater or power windows….adrenaline keeps me happy!
I’m proud of this car and enjoy making it better to keep smiles on my tribe’s faces.
Nathan Jones, the actor who played Rictus Erectus in Fury Road, rode in the back of the Helcamino when he came to Wasteland.  I was very honored for it to be the official Rictus Erectus transport vehicle!
It is used as a support vehicle for runs to Gastown and the Bullet Farm, and is driven by myself, my lancer Cam and Jakarta, aka Bullet Farmer.