Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Loophole

Heading back to Spud Innit’s fleet for the backstory on another of his creations:

“Loophole” began as so many of our things do: end up with a bunch of stuff that can’t be used for anything useful so they get dragged around from place to place till they’re so in the way, then get welded together in an effort to build something to get rid of.

“This thing started as a mis-order on a pair of tires. They didn’t fit the application they were required for so they ended up in the shed/shop/yard/shop again/yard/back of truck…OMG these things are still here.

“Then a smart man had an idea.. Adam of Wasteland came up with the stand up scooter [concept]. Original inception was a China bike I picked up from work. Adam rode it around Burning Man with great success. And the concept was born. Ares and I pulled out the wheels and tires and roughly talked about frame design….knocked the frame up fairly quickly and Ares did the spiderweb floor board. The original motor was a Honda lead 80 with the transmission cut off. V belt drives transferred the drive from one side to the other. Motor was converted to run on propane.. and Bob’s your uncle.

“Couple years of solid abuse left the OEM clutch setup wanting for something better, and in process a bigger motor fell into place for the beast.  It now sports a 225cc Honda and still runs on propane. (Ares calls em dinosaur farts…. ) It’s been to the burn with me a couple times and without me with our buddy Tommy.. and still, to this day kicks ass. It gets used here at home to get about the property and when I’m too lazy to walk.”