Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Heaven and Hell Interceptor

2/6/2018 update:

The Malibu originally modified by Chris Clark has passed into the hands of Mark Henry in Idaho, and picked up some refinement, performance and strength along the way.  The 350 V8 was bored and upgraded with close-chambered heads, a bigger cam and exhaust headers.  Now, with a high idle, there’s enough torque for the car to idle at about 5mph, a perfect speed for the driver to hop out and walk alongside!  (Do not try this at home!)

The suspension has been boxed and custom springs have been added for some extra lift.  The Malibu is up for off-roading, should the need arise.  A roll cage stiffens the body and provides support for a lancer’s perch at the rear.

It’s also now set up to serve as a bivouac.  The interior’s got sleeping curtains, additional cargo space and a number of weapons hidden throughout.  Henry also modified the dash with a gauge cluster out of a military M3 diesel, with proper functioning gauges swapped in.




Chris Clark’s 1969 Chevrolet Malibu sedan can be seen prowling the streets of Las Vegas.  Though it’s all-America, this car’s inspired by the Australian MFP cars of the first Mad Max movie, and underneath the dirt and weathering the distinctive yellow, blue and red paint scheme is visible.

Clark has made modifications both extravagant and subtle.  The drivetrain is standard, but big off-road tires on eight-inch wide wagon wheels give the Malibu a fierce stance.  The trunklid has been removed and grab bars added, and some heavy-duty metal’s been welded to the bumpers at both ends.  A rear-mounted spare tire and a roof spoiler adapted from a third-generation Camaro round out the look.