Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: WarChild

Up in Missoula, Montana, they do things a little bit differently, and nowhere is this more clear than with Warchild.  This 1989 Thomas Built GMC school bus’ primary modification is pretty obvious.  To answer your question, that’s a snowplow from a train, cut down from its original twelve-foot width to eight and a half feet so that Warchild’s road legal. Um…sort of. Builder and driver Clutch didn’t indicate whether it affected the engine’s cooling at all…or if it’s ever been used offensively.  The pattern on the sides is subtle; it’s a cool camouflage wrap designed by a Montana firm and if you look closely there are skeletons and zombies hiding in the woods it depicts.  The bus’ interior has been gutted to serve as camping and cargo-hauling space.

dsc_3574 dsc_3618


Update:  After seeing my comments above, Clutch sent evidence that WarChild has, indeed, been used offensively.  Pics.  It happened.  Yikes.  (Also, awesome.)

dsc05129 dsc05129x2 snapshot-1-10-25-2016-9-50-am