Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: the DeSoto


Here’s another Wasteland Weekend regular:

By Dee Vyper, owner:  “The 58 Desoto is another great Mad Max 2 / Roadwarrior replica. The guys at Mad Max Cars really never considered building this replica, though its a very cool and recognizable car from he film. The base cars are notoriously hard to get and usually quite expensive. However one of our friends forward us a link to one for sale on Craigslist that was unbelievably cheap, running and in good shape. It was brought to the attention of the dogs of war who were pretty universally excited to pool funds an get the car underway. Unfortunately, and bit of a “Chilling Effect” incident (which we prefer not to detail at this time) came up stopping the plan before it got going. However, 7 Sisters Petroleum and Mad Max Cars still believed that the car was a great addition to the Roadwar NW and Wasteland experience and proceed undaunted. The car was negotiated and brought to the MMC shops where it was refreshed to some degree, and cleaned up. The Factory original 383 and Automatic Trans were tuned up, fluids replaced, and had some expired parts replaced, age related electrical issues sorted out, brake booster replaced, mechanicals lubed and the like. Generally it was a solid car and in decent shape. Front and rear suspension lifts were done, more correct rims added, the massive side pipes originating from the front fender wells were added. Front floor pans (the only really rust compromised part of the car) were plated over with obligatory scavenged street signs. All for the modifications have been planned as totally reversible due the the rarity of this classic, and because they were really best accomplished that way. The final decision not to paint it pink, among other reasons, was made as the car is really a faded beige pink already, and has just the right look for the wasteland bearing this almost screen correct factory color, as well as the battle scars of nearly 60 years on the road.”