Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: Roxanne

Do you believe in evolution? Because it looks like two post-apoc Volkswagens have evolved in similar directions, without actually being related. The Doomsday Beetle is often mistaken for Raul Contreras’ Roxanne, and vice versa, even though the two vehicles were built on opposite ends of the country.

There are some reasons for the similarity. The Baja-style front and rear bodywork on Roxanne was a common upgrade to the Beetle, and the shortened fenders were often used to clear larger tires like the big staggered rubber at Roxanne’s rear.  The jerry cans on the sides are a natural place to carry extra fuel for the frugal Beetle, and deleted running boards also improve obstacle clearance.

Roxanne stands out with caged windows and a Gatling gun mounted in the “frunk.”  The rear windows are louvered, and mounts for thundersticks enable Roxanne to carry additional armaments.

Roxanne is a fixture at Wasteland Weekend, and is often seen leading a cadre of apocalyptic Beetles through the desert.  The roof gunner’s position is augmented by a modified Volkswagen roof rack.