Field Guide to Wasteland Vehicles: the Razor Nova

Sometimes simple is good.  Jesse Hansen’s 1972 Chevrolet Nova is unusually bright for a post-apoc pursuit vehicle, but that just means you’ll always know it’s still behind you.

The Nova is lightly modified.  The body is uncut and all of the chrome trim is in place: compared to the average post-apoc rig, this car has been restored.  It’s powered by its original 350 V8, and the suspension has been tweaked just a bit to fit larger, more aggressively-treaded tires.  Out back, the Nova’s trunk lid has been removed to make a place for a lancer to sit and take advantage of the forward-facing thundersticks.  There’s room for a pair of spare tires and some extra gasoline cans as well.

6/18 update:  The Razor Nova’s undergone a few changes since this post went up!  Check out the new, stripped-paint look!