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This site is dedicated to the vehicles that keep on going when everything else is gone.

After the fall of modern civilization (or when traveling far outside of it), a vehicle is more than just a way to get from Point A to Point B.  Post-apocalyptic literature and the carefully-tended vehicles surviving far from their points of origin show that in the absence of superhighways, suburbs and repair shops, our vehicles become shelters, lifelines and even tools for self-expression.  Just like our pets, out in the wasteland our cars begin to look like us, and vice versa.

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The post-apoc, Road-Warrior aesthetic is equal parts function and artistry.  Expedition vehicles, extreme 4x4s, hot rods and the hybridized cars of films like Mad Max: Fury Road all show a similar blend of purposeful evolution, of adapting to survive adverse conditions.  Some cars and trucks succumb: others overcome.  They survive with their souls intact, or they develop new ones.

At this site, you’ll find cars, trucks and motorcycles the fit that post-apoc aesthetic, from concept vehicles to custom cars to real people’s everyday drivers.   Modern cars will also get looked at through an apocalyptic lens, because hey, after it all comes apart, you might just have to make do with whatever you can find!